Nick and Janessa Whatcott, NixonStrong Foundation and G.O.A.T. Haircuts, Ep 78

Nick and Janessa join us to share a story of pain, hope, resilience, and giving back to others. They lost their son Nixon to a form of childhood bone cancer, osteosarcoma. Though devastated by their loss, they rose up and started NixonStrong Foundation to help other families dealing with childhood cancer. And if that wasn't enough, then they launched the fast growing G.O.A.T. Haircuts at the same time.

Family Tech, with Sarah Kimmel, Ep 76

As an IT specialist and a mother of two, Sarah Kimmel is the perfect combination to help you navigate technology in your family. Using her expertise as a digital parenting coach, she's traveled around the country speaking for companies such as Verizon, Dell, Microsoft, and more. Listen in as she teaches us how to support healthy technology use in the home.

Mixhers, with Jess Toolson, Ep 75

Jess Toolson is the owner and founder of Mixhers. Bringing to market a natural solution for women facing discomfort from their monthly cycle, it is now her mission to normalize period talk and provide proper care, education, and nutrition for women all around the globe. Hers is truly an inspiring story of building a business from scratch.

Sunder Creek Farms, with Brett and Jenna Madsen, Ep 73

This week we shift our focus to another type of entrepreneurs: farmers. Brett and Jenna Madsen, from Sunder Creek Farms, are the newest generation continuing the family business in Chester, Utah. With their primary focus on turkey farming, Brett and Jenna discuss the pressures of weather, contract negotiation, resource use legislation, financing, technology, and much more as they pursue the American dream.