Happy Birthday Nitty Gritty, Ep 54

This week we celebrate our first year of episodes, a major milestone for the Nitty Gritty Show. We talk about our favorite impact moments as well as all the fantastic relationships that we've developed in the process. Most of all, we appreciate your support that makes all of this worth doing. Please spread the word and help us make it an incredible year two! Thank you!

Chillin’ with Mr. Perk, Gary Brown of Perk Energy, Ep 53

This week we finally sit down with the amazing Perk Energy co-founder, Gary Brown, A.K.A. Mr. Perk. He gets into the details of the many forms of creative ventures he's undertaken over the years, most recently culminating in quitting his day job and joining his wife, Rena Doman, full time at Perk Energy. Episode 13 is Rena's side of the story.